15th November, 2017

What’s your baseline strategy?

Right now, in your business and you’re life, you’re generating a specific set of results. It’s the income you’re making, the number of new leads you […]
14th November, 2017

Permission granted

One of the saddest parts of my job is seeing so many brilliant, talented professionals who don’t feel that they can write a book, or step […]
11th October, 2017

Have you claimed this critical piece of online real estate?

So, you’ve got your personal URL (you have got your personal URL, right? Like my domain – claim your own name if you haven’t!). You’ve […]
10th October, 2017

What’s even better than being a bestselling author?

It’s a great feeling being a bestselling author. I know because I’ve done it six times myself, and because I’ve helped dozens of clients to do […]