14th March, 2017

How well do you really know your clients?

Whether as part of planning your book, or simply as an essential, basic step in planning any kind of marketing, one of the first things I […]
27th October, 2016

Get Your Damn Book Written, Already!

You know you need to do it. It’s been on your to-do list for years. Your business coach has told you over and over again that […]
23rd October, 2016

5 Reasons You Need a Book

Are you struggling to attract new clients? Not sure what’s the next step to take in your marketing plan? There’s one simple answer you’ve probably considered […]
5th October, 2016

Book Writing 1-2-3: 3 Ideas You Can Use to Write Your Book This Weekend

If you’ve read my book Authority! How Experts Just Like You Are Using Authority Books To Grow Their Influence, Generate Leads And Steal Your Clients (and […]