Don’t bother putting “write a book” on your bucket list

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14th March, 2017
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Don’t bother putting “write a book” on your bucket list

Is "write a book" on your bucket list?

According to the New York Times, 81% of adults want to write a book. So, it’s not unreasonable to assume that 81% of business owners want to do it, too.

Here’s the problem, though. For most people, writing a book is a “bucket list” kind of thing. It’s something they want to do before they die; part of the legacy they want to leave for their children and grandchildren.

That’s great if you’re a pensioner who wants to write about how you grew up in poverty during the war, met the love of your life and pulled yourself by the bootstraps into the middle class. If you’re a business owner, however, writing your book at the end of your life is a MONUMENTAL waste of time.

As a business owner, the point of writing a book is NOT about legacy. It’s about growing your business. A book is the most powerful personal branding and business branding tool there is. No-one will ever stand in awe of you because someone introduces you and says, “She wants to write a book about how she built her business before she dies.” They WILL pay attention when someone introduces you as the author of the bestselling guide to… whatever it is you do. And it really doesn’t matter what you do: writing the bestselling guide to it is going to position you at the top of your industry in other people’s eyes.

So, if writing a book is on your bucket list, do me a favour. Cross it off. And the best way to cross it off is to get on with writing it!

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