Have you claimed this critical piece of online real estate?

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10th October, 2017
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14th November, 2017

Have you claimed this critical piece of online real estate?

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So, you’ve got your personal URL (you have got your personal URL, right? Like my robcuesta.com domain – claim your own name if you haven’t!). You’ve got a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. You’re on Pinterest and Instagram.

But, have you set up your profile on AuthorCentral yet?

Not sure what I’m talking about? Click on your book on Amazon and look for your name. When you hover over it, if you see “Visit Amazon’s XXX page” then you have a profile on AuthorCentral. If you don’t see that, then you haven’t got a profile and you are missing major piece of your author platform strategy.

If you haven’t got your profile yet, go to authorcentral.amazon.com and sign up before going any further

Strengthening your AuthorCentral profile

Take a look at my page at https://www.amazon.com/Rob-Cuesta/e/B005LYRSYQ/

I know this is a pretty good profile because I actually found out a couple of years ago that someone was using my profile as an example for their students!

Claim all your books

First, make sure that you’ve “claimed” all your books. If you haven’t, then at the top of the AuthorCentral page, look for ‘Books’ on the menu. On the next page you’ll see a button labelled “Add more books” where you can tell Amazon all the books that are yours.


For the main shot, use a professional photo. Please don’t use a drunken selfie! If you haven’t got any professional headshots, find a local photographer on Groupon if you have to, but get a studio shot.

Back on the ‘Author Page’ tab of AuthorCentral, find the Photos area on the right and add your photos. Add any other photos you want to, by all means, but at the end click ‘manage’ and rearrange them so that your headshot is the first photo (top left).


Look at my bio.

First, do I start by telling people what a great person I am? No. I tell the reader to ‘Follow’ me: “Want to be the first to hear about my next book? CLICK THE ‘FOLLOW’ BUTTON ABOVE.” This seemingly minor point is actually critical. You want to get people to follow you for two reasons. First, Amazon is watching, and they notice if you are attracting followers. Amazon wants to sell books, so if it sees that an author is popular, they will advertise books by that author. Second, it gives you another way to communicate directly with your readers. When they follow you, they’ll get updates any time you update your profile, for example by adding a book.

Second, immediately after the instruction to follow me, I have a call to action that takes the reader to one of my lead capture pages. Now, Amazon won’t allow links, so you ahve to tell the reader what to do, but it’s better than no link at all!

Your blog

If you have a blog, you can add the RSS feed to your profile and, every time you add a post, it will be shown on your profile and–guess what–your followers will get a notification!


People love video, so add yuor book trailer if you have one. If you don’t, record a video of you introducing your book and add it here!


OK, this is the aspect of my profile that I’m really terrible at, but if you have a book signing or a talk coming up, add it here. Why? Because Amazon will tell all your followers and some of them migh want to turn up!

OK, that’s it for your AuthorCentral profile!

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