Permission granted

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11th October, 2017
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Permission granted

One of the saddest parts of my job is seeing so many brilliant, talented professionals who don’t feel that they can write a book, or step up in their business in some other way, simply because “something” is missing. Now, there’s a laundry list of objections people come up with, but I realized the other day that it all really comes down to one HUGE block.

You see, I was thinking about one of our former clients. Or rather two (they’re married. To each other!) 

The ones that got away

​​Earlier this year, we helped them write and publish a book, and take it to bestseller status. It was a really good book—in fact, as of September 1, it’s an award-winning book as well as a best-selling book. 

All through the process, I kept telling them, “You need a call to action. You ought to be running workshops and coaching on the back of this.”

And every time they pushed back because they weren’t “certified” to be “coaches”. It was a huge clue that I should have picked up on, and I didn’t.

A few months ago, they came and told me they were going to work with another mentor and needed to transfer their book to his publishing company.

Now, that rankled. I pride myself on client retention. I’ve got clients who have been with me 4, 5, and even 9 years. What made it even worse was that they were going to work with him because he’d told them they could put a call to action in the book and they could run workshops and coaching.

I missed the clue

When I heard that, I missed the second clue to what was really going on. Did you hear it? “he’d told them they could put a call to action in the book and they could run workshops and coaching.”

When they told me that, my reaction was, “but that’s what I’ve been telling you for months!” Only it wasn’t. What I had been telling them was that they “needed to” and they “ought to” – it’s a subtle difference, but critically important!

They needed PERMISSION not instructions. Remember: they said they wanted a certification. In other words, they wanted someone to say, “You have my permission to call yourself coaches.” They wanted someone to tell them it was OK to run workshops and run coaching programs. And I didn’t give them that permission. Someone else did, and now they’re working with him.

​Now, the reality is, they could have given themselves that permission. They didn’t need anyone else. 

​But a lot of very capable people are held back because they feel they need permission to do something.
I realized that, when someone says to me, “I can’t write a book because I don’t know enough,” or “I’m not a writer,” or they ask, “Who am I to write a book?” or “Why would anyone want to read my book?” they’re really saying, “I don’t have permission to write a book.”

Permission granted

​So, here it is: if the only reason you haven’t written a book yet is because you need permission, then go ahead and give yourself that permission

​​And if you don’t feel like you can, then guess what? I hereby grant you permission to step up and be the leader your industry and your clients need you to be.

​Permission granted.

​And if you want my team and me to help you write it and turn it into a bestseller, head over to and let’s talk about your book (and, if you really need it, I’ll give you permission to go ahead and write ​your book live when we speak).


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