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How Does It All Work?

Our approach to authority book publishing is underpinned by three key principles:

  1. Accountability partners/coaches will not get a professional past writer’s block.
  2. Experts do best when they focus on their ‘superpower’—their expertise—and outsource writing to people whose superpower is writing.
  3. Just because Amazon makes it possible for anyone to publish a book doesn’t mean that they should.

We developed a method for helping our clients to publish their books that embodies these three principles. We don’t call it ghostwriting; we call it “collaborative writing”.


You meet with a strategist to discuss your business objectives and whether a book is a good fit for you.

Together you develop the core message of the book, who the target audience is, and what action you want them to take as a result of reading.

The strategist will get to the heart of your personal story and the hook behind what you do. This will help us in identifying potential titles, creating promotional materials, and will also feed into the content of your book.


Now that we know who is reading the book and why, and what we want them to do after reading, we create a path for them: What do they need to know in order to take that action? What result do they need to get? If you don’t already have one, e help you to create a proprietary system, model or process to achieve that result.

From that we generate a high level outline, and then your writer works with you to dive progressively deeper into the outline, creating a series of questions–sometimes as many as 300–that will guide the next stage.

What we’ve found is that the more time we spend getting this plan right, the easier it is to create a great book with you


One of our experienced writers interviews you at length over several days.

They will work through the questions from the content plan, drilling down into specifics and examples, expanding on the principles you set out, and generally getting what you know out of your head and into words.


One of our professional editors takes the transcripts of your interviews and turns them from a conversation into a book, taking care to maintain your tone and character throughout.

The draft then goes through two rounds of review by you and revision by the editors, so that you can be totally happy with how you, your business and your message are being presented.


Our Production Team take the approved manuscript and turn it into a professional book. We design a professional cover, layout the interior so that it will look polished whether someone buys it in print or as an eBook, assign an ISBN and take care of all the details that can derail a publishing project.

Before publishing, we add calls to action to turn your readers into identifiable prospects and clients.

Finally, we take care of getting your book onto Amazon as a paperback and as an eBook, and registering you as an author. In our premium packages we also make the book available as a hardback through major online retailers.


One of the guiding principles of our approach is that you should make money from working with us.

To make sure that happens, we run a launch campaign in the early days of release designed to turn the book into a bestseller on Amazon (and we stake part of our fee on achieving this).

We also help you to plan and implement a marketing campaign using the book to generate business opportunities.

We provide up to 10 hours of consulting, guidance and advice throughout the launch and in the 3 months after the launch. This allows us to help you respond to opportunities as they arise and adapt our approach to changing circumstances.

I need help getting started on writing my book

I want to launch my book and make it a bestseller

I’m ready to monetize my book and use it in my marketing

Why choose BrightFlame Books?

Our Promise to You

Every client comes to us with their own unique goals in mind for their book. At the same time, there are two defining characteristics that unite everyone we work with, and they are ones that you probably share too.

First, you want to create a book that truly represents who you are, both professionally and personally. That’s what makes it so hard to choose a partner that you can trust. After all, it’s your reputation and your standing in your profession that are on the line if things go badly.

Second, you want to create a book because, ultimately, it will lead to more money. This isn’t vanity publishing. You’re not looking to fill your garage with stacks of books that go nowhere. You want your book out, in the hands of your prospects and turning them into high-paying clients.

At BrightFlame Books, our philosophy has always been centred on those two key requirements, and we take what we do very seriously. That’s why we back up our work with these guarantees.

  • Your book will look and feel professional - it will look right at home next to books from a major pubishing house.

  • The ideas in the book will be your ideas. The tone of the book will be your tone. The stories and examples will be your stories and examples.

  • Your book will come with a plan for profitability.

  • If we don't think your book will work, we'll tell you.

Ready to talk about your book?

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